The main objective of the project is through a systematic study of the issues related to mobile learning and mobile access to library services and resources, both in Bulgaria and in other European countries, to reach new scientific knowledge and products, integrated and presented in common an information web portal to identify and summarize the positive changes that information technologies are causing in today’s society with regard to new opportunities for access to training and information, through the active role of digital mobile libraries, which in turn to boost interest and distribution of these forms of information in the educational, scientific and cultural sphere in Bulgaria.

The first specific objective of the project is to conduct scientific researches that will lead to the acquisition of new theoretical knowledge, applied scientific results and new educational content, which will be objectified in: thematic information web portal containing specialized databases, regulatory documents, useful internet resources, etc.; 1 monography; scientific reports and publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals; new educational content aimed at undergraduate, master and PhD students.

The second specific objective of the project is to stimulate the scientific potential and development of postdoctoral students, young scientists, PhD students and students, realized through their involvement in internationally recognized organizations, scientific forums and working groups to promote communication, exchange of information, knowledge, experience and good practices, and thus will also increase the capacity of the scientific organization – the University of Library Studies and Information Technologies.

The third specific objective of the project is the promotion of mobile forms of learning and information among the library community, in the educational community and not least among the political and business elites in the country, which will catalyse the wider application of the latest information technologies achievements in the scientific research, education and information sphere in the country.

The fourth specific objective of the project is to promote the mobile access to digital collections of cultural institutions in the country, as a modern approach for the socialization of the Bulgarian literary cultural heritage, to stimulate scientific researches in the field and to preserve the cultural identity of the society.