The modern society is defined as an information society, a society of knowledge and innovation, and a qualitatively new attitude towards them is characteristic of it.

Libraries are one of the key elements of contemporary information environment and of a single global information space. Quality information provision requires the modernisation of methods regarding collection, processing, and provision of information, as well as highly developed information infrastructure. New information technologies offer additional opportunities for libraries to initiate different up-to-date directions of development and to enhance their social status and role.

In Bulgaria, issues of mobile access to information and knowledge have been partly addressed, but a thorough study on the existence of mobile digital libraries and mobile learning forms in the country has not been conducted yet. The attitude and competences of specialists in this field have not been analysed neither. There is not an information point collecting, systemising, and disseminating information on the topic.

The project “Information portal for mobile learning and mobile access to library services and resources” aims to contribute to the promotion of mobile forms of learning and informing among the library community, education environment and last but not least among the political and business elite in the country. Due to the generating of discussions, the increase of competence and the application of leading experience in this field is a key factor for the libraries and educational institutions to be able to respond adequately to the modern information needs of society.

The targeted basic research proposed in this project addresses one of the national societal challenges: cultural and historical heritage; national identity and development of the culture of society.